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Oudi - Influenced By Christian Dior Oud Ispahan

Oudi - Influenced By Christian Dior Oud Ispahan

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"A willingness to take bold risks."

Sophisticated charm and a traveller's soul influence the powerful character and accents of Oudi. It is an uncompromising fragrance that highlights its woody force with the spicy, decisive character of Damascus Rose. Audacity is a fragrance that arouses curiosity and invites you on an olfactory journey with its amber soul tinged with a floral softness. Audacity is an intense fragrance that cannot be forgotten.

Please Note: The main differences between our roll-on and spray perfumes are the method of delivery, concentration of fragrance oil, and application method. Our roll-on perfumes are more saturated with perfume and are more intense, with direct contact application. Our spray perfumes are less concentrated, with an even distribution of fragrance over a larger area, and can be applied at a distance from the skin. Essentially, it is down to personal preference combined with strength and application method. All our perfumes come in a 10ml glass bottle, regardless of variant.

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