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Silvia - Influenced By Christian Dior Ambre Nuit

Silvia - Influenced By Christian Dior Ambre Nuit

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"From a Latin word meaning forest."

Silvia orchestrates the encounter between two extremes. It is, in a way, the olfactory expression of Beauty and the Beast. The fragrance teams the dark, animal facet of Amber with the delicate, velvet of Turkish Rose. It is like an ambery and nocturnal wave, where delicateness and strength enter into dialogue and opposites attract in a powerful duo.

Please Note: The main differences between our roll-on and spray perfumes are the method of delivery, concentration of fragrance oil, and application method. Our roll-on perfumes are more saturated with perfume and are more intense, with direct contact application. Our spray perfumes are less concentrated, with an even distribution of fragrance over a larger area, and can be applied at a distance from the skin. Essentially, it is down to personal preference combined with strength and application method. All our perfumes come in a 10ml glass bottle, regardless of variant.
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